Since 2010, Virtual Process has been offering real-time management software for manufacturing workshops, providing a comprehensive range of features such as process creation, reporting and planning tools, a dashboard, management of stages and defective units, and much more.


Our team consists of dynamic professionals with extensive expertise in managing and controlling manufacturing processes. We are aware of the challenges faced by businesses and work tirelessly to offer improved solutions that meet their real needs.



Virtual Process ensures the rigorous adherence to work processes and manufacturing steps by operators to eliminate improvisation and oversights that may harm quality, resulting in a significant improvement in product quality.
Our solution enables businesses to produce more in less time, which can increase profitability and competitiveness in the market. Improved productivity enhances a company's reputation and helps to retain customers.
Our intuitive software is ideal for quickly training new employees, significantly reducing training times. Our integrated management tools allow supervisors to track employee progress and ensure mastery of essential skills.
Virtual-Process improves production by reducing waiting times, improving communication, and quickly detecting downtime and bottlenecks, enabling the company to take corrective actions promptly



Creation of the manufacturing needs list in collaboration with stakeholders and implementation of corrective measures if necessary to avoid financial and scheduling risks. Identification of managers responsible for software deployment within the company. Presentation of solutions to technical challenges in the final report.


Our training is designed to meet the specific needs of each company. We combine hands-on demonstrations with real-world case exercises to create an engaging and interactive learning experience. Through this method, participants will be able to quickly master the software and apply their new skills in their daily work.

The implementation of a pilot project with the production of a batch of real products. This also includes the installation of the software on workstations and the training of users (operators, planners, managers, etc.) on the various modules. The results of the pilot project will allow for the latest fixes to be made before deployment on a larger scale to other products within the company.
Once the training is completed, customers usually become self-sufficient in using the software, but their proficiency improves with practice and experience gained through their daily use. If any issues or questions arise, our technical support team is always available to provide assistance and ensure that the customer fully leverages the software solution.



Work instructions
Using existing documentation, we create interactive interfaces for operators, including features such as checkboxes, inputting measurements, value ranges (min-max), etc.
Tooling and equipment configuration
Our software can interact with measuring devices such as power supplies, digital multimeters, balances, oscilloscopes, etc., as well as programmable electrical tools such as screwdrivers, verniers, torque wrenches, etc. This reduces human errors and ensures accurate measurement results.
Management of manufacturing steps
Virtual-Process ensures that all manufacturing steps are carried out sequentially. If a step has not been properly completed, the product's progress will be automatically blocked and returned to the missing step.
Remote management
The reporting, planning, and dashboard tools enable managers to remotely supervise and control the manufacturing process. Our solution supports tablet, cell phone, and computer devices.
Codeless platform
Easily create and manage your customized processes using our intelligent icons. Simply drag and drop them, and configure them to your liking, without the need for software programming.
User rights management
The software enables effective user rights management, which helps maintain an optimal level of security and prevent unauthorized access. Each user will be granted access rights according to their role within the company.
Data extraction
Our software is designed to simplify data importing through APIs, allowing you to transfer this data to your systems and create custom internal tools or dashboards.
Ease of use
Our software is so user-friendly that operators can be trained in groups in less than 20 minutes. Similarly, managers can become completely self-sufficient after one or two brief training sessions.
Free update
With our software, updates are included at no extra cost, allowing our customers to benefit from new features for free.
Support 24/7
We take pride in offering quality customer service that is available 24/7. We are always ready to answer your questions and resolve any issues, providing you with an exceptional customer experience.



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